The Boat




         Motor Lift

         Int Chainplates

         Engine Coolant
Tank Relocation

         PSS Shaft Seal

         Binocular Rack

         Anchor Roller

         2nd Alternator

         Windlass Repair

         Boarding Step

         Fuel Filters

         LED Lighting

         Power Curve

         Holding Tank


Aug 10

We were moored next to a boat that blew their engine just as they were getting to Two Harbors. They remarked that at least it went at the end of the summer. End of the summer? I hadnít thought about it. Time does seem to fly by these days. We have been to Catalina Island multiple times this last year and plan a few more trips this fall. But it hasnít really felt like summer to me. We really love out boat, if it is possible to love such a thing. Catalina has been a great escape. The sailing is generally good. We came home on a deep reach with 6 knots of wind to start and 20 by the time we got to Long Beach. Boat speed started out at about 3kts and ended over 7kts and the trip back took about 5 hours.

Seems odd to see such a tame buffalo milling about.

Monday morning is much quieter with lots of empty moorings.

The trip home pleasant although a bit cool.

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