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         Motor Lift

         Int Chainplates

         Engine Coolant
Tank Relocation

         PSS Shaft Seal

         Binocular Rack

         Anchor Roller

         2nd Alternator

         Windlass Repair

         Boarding Step

         Fuel Filters

         LED Lighting

         Power Curve

         Holding Tank


Int. Chainplates

Forward Intermediate Chainplate Bases

These parts are used to support the forward lower chainplates. Jeanneau did not install these on 1999 and some 2000 model year boats.

Instead they used a washer as a backing plate on the underside of the deck. The Starboard side has more support as it is bolted through the fiberglass deck liner. My boat had damage to the deck as a result of the chainplate backing washer breaking through the fiberglass on the under side of the deck. Basically the deck was crushed allowing water to get in.

I had Outbound Yacht Services (in Dana Point, CA) consulting and working on the boat. I did some of the work myself too. They did a very nice job of repairing the deck.

$800 worth of parts from Jeanneau to fix this manufacturing error. This is something that Jeanneau should pay for. Jeanneau gets a black mark from me for this. Again, these parts were installed on the next model year, so why no retrofit?

I am not impressed with the part from Jeanneau. They do not fit my boat (hull #25)without modifications. The chainplates are too close to the bulkhead for the holes to line up. As the new pieces bolt to the bulkhead the only solution is to re-drill the deck or move the holes in the new SS pieces. I needed to elongate the holes by 1/4” in the 1/4” thick SS intermediate chainplate base (Jeanneau’s name for the new below deck part). I had come up with several designs myself that would have worked just as well if not better. Fabrication costs would be lower of comparable to the Jeanneau parts.

No hardware was included with the parts. You need to procure 8 3/8”X1 1/4” flat head bolts with captive nuts. (Or metric equivalent)

On the Port side I relocated the through deck chainplate by 3/8” and still needed to elongate the intermediate base by over an 1/8”. So the chainplates were not in symmetrical locations from side to side anyway.  I do not believe there would have been enough material in the intermediate piece without moving the holes in the deck.

Port side chainplate holes moved forward by 3/8 in. Viable option on port side because deck is solid reinforced Epoxy now due to repair.

Even so I still needed to elongate the holes.

This shows the mounted port side intermediate. The headliner cutout was to allow underside repair of the deck.

Starboard side showing trim cutout and finished mounting.

Cabin view showing the backing plates.

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