The Boat




         Motor Lift

         Int Chainplates

         Engine Coolant
Tank Relocation

         PSS Shaft Seal

         Binocular Rack

         Anchor Roller

         2nd Alternator

         Windlass Repair

         Boarding Step

         Fuel Filters

         LED Lighting

         Power Curve

         Holding Tank


May 10

Our third trip to Catalina Island took us to Isthmus Cove at Two Harbors. More laid back than Avalon but still very active. On our first two trips out we ended up motoring both ways. This trip we had good winds and sailed both ways surprisingly on the same tack. We spent 4 days, did some hiking and took a Hummer tour of the west end. We also spent some time on the dinghy and in our new (used) inflatable kayak.

A new main sail gave me something to play with. It has an interfering roach with a flattening reef about 2 feet up so it clears the backstay when needed.

It’s always nice seeing palm trees in an anchorage behind your boat.

Catalina Harbor is about a mile across a small flat of land that connects the main island from the West End. It makes up the other half of “Two Harbors”. It is a very protected harbor, is reportedly cooler and windier than the East Harbors.

A view down on Catalina Harbor.

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