The Boat




         Motor Lift

         Int Chainplates

         Engine Coolant
Tank Relocation

         PSS Shaft Seal

         Binocular Rack

         Anchor Roller

         2nd Alternator

         Windlass Repair

         Boarding Step

         Fuel Filters

         LED Lighting

         Power Curve

         Holding Tank


PSS Shaft Seal

The boat came fitted with a Volvo shaft seal. It was leaking and with the boat being hauled out it seemed like a good time to replace it.

First the coupling was unbolted from the transmission. A nut held the tapered shaft in place. I elected to do this job myself because the boat yard planned to use a slide hammer on the shaft to remove the shaft from the coupling. A previous yard did this to another boat I had and the transmission rear seal leaked from then on. I decided it would be better to just do it myself . With the nut loosened on the shaft and a 3/8” socket as a spacer I put 2 longer bolts back in and used the transmission flange to put some pressure on it. I then used a 30 mm shaft coupling spaced about 1/8” behind the coupling. Using a screwdriver as a pry bar between the two couplings the shaft coupling popped off easilly.

New shaft seal installed. Note the addition of a 30 mm shaft coupling flush against the PSS Stainless collar. This may be anal retentive but for an extra $20 it seemed like a good idea.

For the seal’s vent I used 6’ of 3/8” heater hose. It was run through the engine bay and up through a dead space in the companion way. You can see it exiting the engine bay behind the water strainer.

One down side to this changeover is engine alignment is more difficult. You cannot just slide the coupling back to check alignment because the coupling pushes against the transmission.

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