The Boat




         Motor Lift

         Int Chainplates

         Engine Coolant
Tank Relocation

         PSS Shaft Seal

         Binocular Rack

         Anchor Roller

         2nd Alternator

         Windlass Repair

         Boarding Step

         Fuel Filters

         LED Lighting

         Power Curve

         Holding Tank


Windlass Repair

While servicing the windlass I noticed the crack in this tensioning nut. You control the clutch by tightening this nut. Parts are no longer available for this windlass, a Leroy Somer SV 801.

My only real solution was to have it welded. I had the welder leave the bead and I only filed it enough to clear the inside of the capstan.

Now to fix the original problem. Fabricate a proper contact sleeve to relieve the top of the nut from stress. I selected a 1/2 bronze pipe elbow and  used a flange to make a the spacer/sleeve. If you have this windlass there is a good write up on this problem on the Jeanneau owners site. Here

The finished part inserted into the capstan. It may eventually contact the square part of the shaft. If it does I will just file the spacer to clear.

There is now a gap between the capstan and nut. I will try to find an O-ring to fill this gap and keep moisture out.

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